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Procedures and Costs

I offer complete breast thermography.  The purpose of this exam is to detect abnormal changes in breast tissue.  For each thermogram, multiple images are taken.  Although all images are evaluated, only those pertinent to the report are included.

Complete Breast Thermogram

Cost: $199.00 plus a $50.00 consultation fee

Unfortunately, thermography is almost never covered by insurance.  I try to keep costs as low as possible in order to make this technology as affordable and available as possible.  Until insurance coverage of thermography begins to change, I will not accept insurance.  However, upon request, I am happy to issue a receipt with the pertinent insurance codes (ICD-10 codes and CPT codes).  You may submit this receipt to your insurance company for possible direct reimbursement depending on your company and insurance plan.

It is mandatory that you receive an in person, follow up consultation if this is your first thermogram or your first thermogram with me.  It is not ethical to give you an expensive exam without explanation of your report.  Once you are an established patient, and if your thermograms are non-suspicious, I can provide follow up consultations by phone or email.      


Accepted forms of payment are check or cash only.

Patient Preparation

The thermogram will take twenty to thirty minutes. 

I will email you our paperwork when you call to schedule your thermogram.  I ask that you print, read through and fill out all forms.  Then bring them with you to your appointment.

Once you are in the thermography exam room, you will disrobe from the waist up and let your body acclimate to room temperature prior to the exam. 
Our technician will take pictures using an infrared camera.  There is no radiation involved and you will not be touched. 
A 'stress challenge' will be part of the procedure.  This involves one minute of chilling the hands in cold water in order to produce a physiological response.  This will provide additional information to the physician reading your exam.

Before your thermogram:
Do not smoke for at least two hours prior to the exam.
Do not use lotions or powders on your breasts or chest.
Avoid application of deodorant if possible.
Do not shave underarms on the day of the exam to avoid skin abrasions.
Avoid sun exposure for extended periods of time the day before and on the day of the exam.
Avoid a hot shower within 4 hours prior to the exam. 
Avoid exercise, hot drinks or very cold drinks 4 hours prior to the exam.

If you are disabled or unable to sit or stand for long periods, please notify the scheduling technician. 

Test Results

Once your exam is complete, your images will be evaluated by Dr. Ater.  A follow up consultation with Dr. Ater to review and explain your results will be scheduled.  The fee for this consultation will be included in the total fee paid on the day of your exam.

You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present during the exam and/or the follow up consultation. 

This test is not invasive and there is no contact, no radiation, and no pain associated with it.


Infrared imaging offers the chance of early detection of breast disease.  Like all procedures, there is not a 100% guarantee of detection.
This is not a diagnostic test.  A complete program of breast health includes: monthly self exam, annual physical exam, thermal imaging and mammogram/ultrasound as indicated by your physician. 

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