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History and Mission


The history of Two Birds Thermography begins with Dr. Janet Greene, MD.  Dr. Greene came to New Mexico with an 'outside the box' attitude.  She created a rich practice, integrating homeopathy and herbal supplementation with her allopathic training, and established deep relationships with many of her patients. Dr. Greene was one of the first MD's in the country to use thermography to screen for breast cancer.

Dr. Greene had personal reasons for joining the fight for early cancer detection.  In 1999 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  After initial surgery, she treated her own cancer using alternative therapies and after going into remission, she returned to work.   She brought with her a renewed passion and understanding for all who have experienced a diagnosis of cancer.  Dr. Greene understood the emotional toll, the stress of making life-and-death decisions, the trials of wading through information about treatment procedures and options.  She profoundly understood the importance of finding cancer early.  Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers.  Dr. Greene understood that here was a place in cancer's path where she could positively change the statistics using thermography.

Kathryn Ater, DOM began working with Dr. Greene in 2006.  With Dr. Greene's mentoring she provided consultations to Dr. Greene's thermography patients and
trained to interpret thermograms.  Under Dr. Greene's watchful eye (and with the "help" of her frank and often loud New York accent) she met Dr. Greene's very demanding standard.  One clinic that has received numerous thermography interpretations from both Dr. Greene and Dr. Ater stated that they could not tell the difference between reports: an obvious testament to Dr. Greene's critical eye, persistent assessment, and hard won approval. 

Dr. Greene experienced a recurrence of cancer in early 2009.  She fought it using all tools at her disposal, including a fierce determination that helped her become the dedicated doctor she was.  In December of 2009 she passed away, with loved ones at her side.

Dr. Ater carries on in her spirit.  Her intention is to help detect breast cancer as early as possible.  She hopes to help many avoid cancer altogether by recognizing high risk breast environments and changing them into healthy breast environments before cancer can take hold. 


My mission is simple and clear: to help women take care of themselves. 

You are the one who knows best what feels 'normal'.  You are the one who decides when and how you are going to monitor your breast health.  Thermography is a tool.  It is a piece of the puzzle that I can offer to help find abnormalities in the breast tissue before abnormal growth begins.  I offer counsel regarding breast health.  The health of your breasts depends on your diet, your stress level, what methods you use to relieve stress, sufficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body, exercise, genetics, hormone balance, hormone replacement therapy, age; there are so many factors.  I provide a space where we can talk about all of them openly and in confidence.  I do not take your picture, take your money, hand you a report and say, "Call me next year." 

In a way, your breast health reflects your total body health.   Your breast health may be a jumping off point to finding balance in the health of your whole body. You have the power to attain that balance.

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